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14 Different Types of Jewelry Clasps & How To Use Them
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Purchasing a silver chain necklace might look simple but, it’s not because of all the silver chain necklace styles. There are things you’ll need to consider when selecting one and an important factor is its clasp. Although it may seem that a clasp is just that thing that holds the necklace or bracelet together, there may be a few things you want to consider.

Claps may be one of the most overlooked features, even though they play a critical part in the bracelet and/or necklace. The right clasp can help with everyday wear and tear and prevent breakage or any kind of damage to its overall quality. Every jewelry clasp has its own unique property and purpose. When choosing strong jewelry clasps, customers should pay attention to size, strength, security, ease of use and of course the most trusted jewelry accessories store.

Unique Jewelry Clasps

One of the most important parts of nearly every necklace and bracelet. It can be designed to stand out as a focal point or carefully hidden and tucked away. Different types of jewelry clasps are each unique in their own way; however, they all serve a similar purpose.

Spring Ring Clasps

These round shape metal clasp mechanisms are one of the most popular; it works by pulling back the very tiny lever until the spring is compressed then a passage for the other tab or ring will appear. To close its clasp, release the lever, and it will lock both of the necklace’s end.

The process is easy; however, for some who don’t grow their nails (or grow them too long), this type of clasp might be very challenging. This clasp is most commonly used in necklaces and anklets and only rarely on bracelets. Although it is one of the most popular and secure clasps, people with dexterity issues, or those who have difficulty gripping small items, should probably avoid this clasp. For everyone else, it’s a great choice.

Spring Ring Clasps - Blush Jewelry

Fishhook Clasps

This kind of clasp may not be as common as the others, but fishhook owns a unique feature. At one end is a metal hook and the other is box type shaped like a fish. It works inserting the hook in an unobtrusive spot on the box.

Best for necklaces as it can be hard to process with one hand. And, just like the toggle, it also adds beauty in your jewelry as it sometimes shimmering in diamonds that can definitely catch one’s attention.

Fishhook Clasps - Blush Jewelry

Hook Clasps

One of the earliest clasp shaped to fit in any jewelry, hook clasps looks pretty simple yet functions a lot. Its S-shaped feature allows it to attach in the simplest way. This type of clasp comes with a ring partner, the best choice for necklaces.


Ball Clasps

Also known as bead clasp, this fastener is composed of a round shape structure that sometimes goes with gemstones or textures as bedeck for a more glamorous look of your jewelry. With its unique structure, this type of clasp can also go for both necklaces and bracelets.

Ball Clasps - Blush Jewelry

Barrel Clasps

Unlike the spring ring and lobster type, the barrel clasp is composed of two metal parts. It works by inserting and twisting the two metals attached on both ends of your necklace’s chain, and it will lock instantly just like a barrel.

Barrel claps are practically designed for necklaces as it needs two hands in the process of attachment. It’s unconventional design, may initially turn buyers away as it may be a bit complex for those to maneuvers, even though it’s still a safe choice. The barrel clasps are great for necklaces that are unique in their own way. It blends well with the necklace, bracelet or ankle bracelet letting your main piece do the talking.  

Barrel Clasps - Blush Jewelry

Box Clasps

Bow clasp is made of a tab and a fancy box. It secures your jewelry by simply inserting the tab to the box. Its secure and decorative mechanism feature is one of a kind, which makes it the best choice for bracelets with tennis and pivotable features.

Box Clasps - Blush Jewelry

Magnetic Clasps

Obviously identified from its name, this kind of clasp is made out of magnets that snap together and locks any kind of jewelry with less effort. It can go in round, rectangular, small and big types.

It is ideal for different kinds of jewelry like your necklace, it also commonly chosen by those who are finding it hard to pull down tiny-teeny fastener’s lever. This magnetic jewelry clasp may not be the most secure but it is effortless to use.

Magnetic Clasps - Blush Jewelry

Push-button Clasps

This kind of clasp is usually ideal for watches and bracelets. Its mechanism has similarities with box clasps the only difference is its design and structure. Same as the box type it fastens your jewelry by inserting the tab like to its partner, it is called as push-button because of it automatically unfastens when you press the button where you inserted the tab.

Push-button Clasps - Blush Jewelry

Buckle Clasps

Popular for leather and beaded wrist accessories, this type of clasp has the same fasten mechanism with a classic belt buckle. It works by inserting the prong on the buckle in the holes then rests against its metal frame for a more secure and untangling connection.

Its simplicity makes the features of the accessories highlighted and appreciated, as it goes with the humble designs and colors of wrist accessories.

Buckle Clasps - Blush Jewelry

Concealed Clasps

The same as the push-button this fastener also works well with your elegant watches. It is designed to emphasize the design of the jewelry itself because concealed clasps are very hard to be noticed since their structure is designed to fit on the design of the wrist accessories.

Concealed Clasps - Blush Jewelry

Lobster Claw Clasps

Closely similar to spring ring, the lobster clasp is also spring-loaded. To connect the other ring pull down the lever, it will open a path then claw the ring and release the lever.

This type of clasp can be bigger or smaller, so you can choose your desired size. However, you should still consider the size of your chain and pendant. If you’re having a smaller one, it is better for your necklaces to have the same size of clasp too. Keep in mind that bigger claps demand heavier and sturdier chains. The lobster clasps are the most secure hold you can find and are highly durable. This is used for necklaces, bracelets, and anklets.

Lobster Claw Clasps - Blush Jewelry

Swivel Clasps

This fastener is one sample of a lobster clasp and the same as lobster it works by pulling the lever down, which also has a base that has the capability to turn 360 so it can adjust to your movements and won’t damage the quality of your jewelry.

Swivel Clasps - Blush Jewelry

Slide Clasps

Particularly seen in beaded wrist and neck jewelries slide clasp’s mechanism is composed of two bars that work by sliding. Ideal for double-layered accessories since its clasp structure has enough space to secure two layers of beads or pearls.

Slide Clasps - Blush Jewelry

Toggle Clasps

With its strange yet fancy look, a toggle clasp is adored by many. Also composed of two metal parts, one is usually circular, and the other is T-shaped long bar. This kind of clasp has the uncomplicated fastener’s process of connection, as it closes by simply slipping the bar through the circle. However, it may need a little heavy pendant for your necklace to prevent it from sliding back off.

Though toggle may not be suitable for those who are looking for the assurance of their necklace’s security, it still shines by adding aesthetics in your jewelry. This is mainly used for bracelets as they move around more than necklaces.

Toggle Clasps - Blush Jewelry

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